Summer Grilling at Palmerstown House

Palmerstown House was embracing all things Summer from August 15th– 18th. Each year they host a Summer Grill menu which launched in 2018. This year’s menu oozed creativity and the dishes were rich with flavor. The menu consisted of fresh, summer-based ingredients, such as Grilled fillet of seabass served with potato, buckwheat, and heirloom tomatoes. Head Chef Beshel had thought of everyone, also having a more traditional dish for those who didn’t want to venture too far into the abyss.  The olive fed fillet of pork served with spiced sweet potato and wild mushroom pie offered a spicy alternative with a twist.


Great way to finish up your summer!


If you and your family or friends joined Palmerstown House for The Summer Grill, we would love to hear about your experience